Organic, Biodynamic & Natural Wines


As a passionate sommelier and former wine importer, Tim is always on the hunt for the best and most delicious wines, which we then sell to you direct or share with you during our wine tastings and workshops. We can tailor these to suit everyone, whether beginner or more advanced wine lover. Here’s more informations about tastings and workshops. For us what is most important when selecting a wine is that it is delicious and drinkable, enjoyable and offers something that other wines don’t and are unique in their kind. The production of the wine is also crucial to us, we select wines from producers who respect nature and who treat their terroir as purely as possible (without using chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the vineyard and with as few additions as possible to the wine in the cellar). Our wine makers produce all Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines. These winemakers are among the best wine producers in France and many they are listed in the Guide Vert of La Revue de Vins de France, the wine magazine of France.

Wine selection

We have selected a range of wines from progressive wine producers from our region Bergerac and the Perigord. These are complemented with wines from the rest of the South West and other parts of France such as Cahors, Gaillac, Jurancon, Bordeaux, Provence, Loire, Beaujolais and Champagne.

Purchasing our wine

You can buy our wines by ordering here online, or by visiting us at one of the local markets. Every Tuesday morning, you will find us in Beaumont du Perigord (during the season March/April untill the end of October), and every Thursday morning in Monpazier, every Saturday morning in Villeréal (Lot & Garonne 47). In order to provide you with the best possible service, we keep our selection up to date and are happy to renew to be able to offer a wine for everyone.

The following vinters are included in our collection:

  • Domaine l’Ancienne Cure Bergerac*, Bergerac, Pécharmant et Monbazillac, Organic
  • Ferme l’Apogée, Vin de France, OrganicNature, Local
  • Julien Auroux**, Bergerac, Organic, local
  • Château Lestignac en Hors les Murs+, Bergerac et Vins de France, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Fontaine des Grives, Vin de France Bergerac, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Domaine Cocquelicot, Vins du Perigord, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Domaine Bon Vin, Bergerac et Vin de France, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Domaine des 3 Saules, IGP Vin de Pay’s du Périgord, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Clos Julien, Bergerac, Organic
  • Hukulumbarros & Domaine Trëma, Pécharmant, Port de Santé Foy, OrganicBiodynamie en conversion
  • Les Gaules de Bois, Romuald Ambitio et Vincent Alexis Château Barouillet, Côtes de Duras/Bergerac et Vin de France, Organic, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Château Combrillac et les Equilibristes, Bergerac, Rosette, Vin de France, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Le Clos Joncal, bergerac, Organic, Naturel
  • Sylvain Jougla, Le Petit Clou des Vents, Vin de France, Côtes Duras, Biodinamie Nature
  • Haut Campagnau (Dominique Andiran)**, Côtes de Gascogne, Organic, Nature
  • Domaine Plageoles**, Gaillac, Biodynamie, Nature
  • Domaine Plaisance Penavayre*, Fronton, Organic
  • Domaine Matha*, Marcillac, Organic
  • Labranche Laffont**, Madiran et Pacherenc du Vic-Bihl, Biodynamie
  • Château Couronneau, Bordeaux, Biodynamie Demeter
  • Château Le Puy*, Bordeaux, Organic, Biodynamie, Vigneron de l’année 2019 Bordeaux
  • Château Planquette Vin de France, Medoc, Bordeaux Organic, Nature
  • Domaine Haugarot, Jurancon, Biodynamie
  • Domaine Emmanuel Maussion, Cahors, Organic, Nature
  • Chateau Calmette*, Cahors, Biodynamie, Nature, Producer of the year 2021 South-West
  • Combel La Serre*, Cahors, Organic, Producer of the year 2021 South-West
  • Danis dans les Vignes (Anthenet), Cahors et Vin de France, Biodynamie, Nature
  • l’Ostal Levant, Louis Pérot, Vin de France, Cahors, Biodynamie Nature
  • Domaine Valérie Courrèges+, Cahors, Vin de France et Cahors, Biodynamie
  • Domaine Hauvette ***, Provence, Organic, Biodynamie, Vigneron de l’année 2019
  • Domaine Charvin***, Rhône, Châteauneuf du Pape, Vin de France, Organic, Nature
  • Champagne Tarlant*, Champagne, Vinification Naturel, in conversion to be Organic
  • Domaine Patrice Colin*, Coteaux Vendomois,Loire, Biodynamie, Demeter
  • Vins Vogueur, Chile, Biodynamie, Nature

*, **, *** = Stars in the Green Guide of La Revue du Vin de France/ + This producer is mentioned in the Green Guide