Domaine de Bon Vin, AOC Côtes de Bergerac, Moelleuh 2019 (Semi-Sweet Wine)


This rare and natural semi sweet wine is made without addition of sulphites, and is full of ripe candied fruit like apples, pears and wildflowers and almond spice, aperitif with friends or foie gras

Organic, natural and biodynamic farming, certification ecocert

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Jean Baptiste Roux from Pomport “Bergerac” is a young very talented producer who learned to make wine from Mathias and Camille Marquet Château Lestignac and is a close friend of Benoit Perissé of Fontaine de Grives. all his wines are organic, biodynamic and natural and very precisely made, low quantities, only great stuff here,

Also they have an organic cattle of cows, so they say:Domaine de Bon Vin un lieu où les vaches font mûrir le raisin” Domaine de Bon Vin is where the cows feed de wine grapes

Region: Bergerac, AOC Côtes de Bergerac

Millésime: 2018

Grape variety and soil: 100% Sauvignon Gris, soil argilo calcaire with limestone bedrock

Taste: ripe and sweet apples and pears, floral, some honey and almondspice, complex and fine, great balance between sweetness and acidity, length and a noble bitterness

Wine pairing: sundays aperitif with friends, foie gras, fruitcakes and other (not to sweet) desserts

Serving Temperature: 10-12c , medium or white wine glass. Open in advance or decant before drinking, drink now or keep untill 2026

Vinification: Natural vinification local yeast’s on concrete and stainless steel riping, not filtered or fined, pasteurisation at 45 degrees before botteling “otherwise a risk of being sparkling”, no sulphites added SO2 total<25mg Alcohol content: 13%

Culture: Natural and Biodynamic, Natural Wine

Certification: Organic, Ecocert Bio


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