Domaine Fontaine des Grives, Vin de France, Les Déplumés 2020, Pet Nat


Pink and Funky,  Pure fun bubbles 100% natural, every occasion and whole year round. Low in alcohol 10,5%, cloudy wine

Biodynamic and Natural farming, no sulfites added, no certification

2018, and 2020 end of april

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Benoît Perissé is a young very talented producer who learned to make wine from Mathias and Camille Marquet at Château Lestignac, all his wines are natural and very precisely made, very low quantities, only great stuff here, The Red line is al about: freshness, original and not to compare with other wines from this region

Region: Bergerac, Vin de France

Millésime: 2018  and 2020 end of april

Grape variety and soil: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, soil argilo calcaire with limestone bedrock

Taste: Very pure and soft this fresh sparkling/fizzy natural wine, raspberries, strawberries, easy going and very pleaseant with a nice bite

Wine pairing: for your aperitif with friends whole year round and light summer dishes

Serving Temperature: 10-12 c , medium or small white wine glass or Champagne flûte. No cork but a Crowncap, drink now or keep untill 2022

Vinification: Natural vinification local yeast’s on concrete and stainless steel, not filtered or fined, cloudy wine, no sulphites added, and direct fermentation on the bottle to keep some nice fine bubbels inside (Méthode Ancestrale) SO2 total<25mg Alcohol content: 10,5%

Culture: Natural and Biodynamic, no certification


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