Dominique Andiran, Vin de France, les Pissenlits 2008, Vin sous Voile


This is a bucket list wine, a wine of emotion a wine to share with your best friends. in a style of a top Vin Jaune or the best Solera Sherry. Sold out soon 2009

Natural Wine, 2008 was still in conversation to be Organic

2008 93/100 La Revue du Vin de France Guide Vert 2019

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Passionate Dominique Andiran from Chai Haut Campagnau is a former ski and sailing instructor, but is now already a long time (first vintage 2001) one of the best “self learned” natural vinters of the South-West of France. Installed in the very nice town Montréal de Gers in the heart of the Armagnac region. He likes to experiment with different styles of great wines. He is a master in creating Vin Jaune like complex oxidative wines with enormous length like the Pissenlits made of Chardonnay

Region: South West of France, Gers, Armagnac, Vin de Table

Millésime: 8002 = 2008 because it’s not allowed for a Table wine to put the vintage on the etiket sold out soon 2009

Grape variety and soil: Chardonnay soil argilo calcaire, brown soils and pebbles

Taste: natural wine in a oxidative style like a Vin Jaune from the Jura or a Sherry Wine from Spain, This you must try once in your life. Very very complex and dry, great powerful structure and fine high acidity, some dried fruits and flowers, hazelnuts and nuts, spices and herbs, The finish goes on for ever. One of the most special wines from te South West of France

Wine pairing: Meditation wine, a tasting with wine friends, Foie Gras, great charcuterie some truffles and powerful cheeses

Serving Temperature: not to been drunk cold! 14-16c , medium sized white wine glass. Open in advance or decant before drinking, drink now or keep untill 2028+

Vinification: Natural vinification local yeast’s in old barrels, maturation for 7 years under a fine voile (Flor) not filtered or fined so a cloudy wine, no sulphites added SO2 total<25mg Alcohol content: 15%

Culture: Natural and Organic farming, with certification

La Revue du Vin de France: 2008 93/100 2009 96/100 La Revue du Vin de France Guide Vert 2019 ** star Domaine in the Guide Vert


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