Wine tastings and tours

Our wine tastings are a great way to learn about the world of wine in a relaxed atmosphere, either at your place or at ours. With our many years of experience in the wine business, we are keen to share our passion and knowledge with you. We can adapt the wine tastings to suit everyone, from beginners to those who are already wine connoisseurs.

During our standard wine tasting we let you try 7 different Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines from our range. These come from Bergerac, our local region, and from the south-west of France. We’ll explain how to use your senses to try a wine, and together we’ll discover the flavours of wines. After that we’ll talk about the wines, grape varieties and the regions where they come from and the working methods of the wine producer. A variety of delicious canapes and nibbles will be served to complement the wines.

The wine tasting for to 8 people costs €280 including all the wines and canapes. For every extra person is a supplement of €25 (up to 16 persons). The tasting lasts about 2.5 hours.

We can adapt the standard wine tasting to include:

  • Other regions of France or one specific wine region, grape variety etc.
  • Blind wine tasting to really test your tasting skills

We also offer:

  • Wine course (4-5 hours) which goes into more detail about wine. This can be done in one afternoon, or over 2 afternoons.
  • Wine tasting dinners of 4 courses, served up at your place. We will create dishes that complement the specific wines, which we’ll serve with an explanation about the wine and why the food matches it so well.
  • Personal wine tours to different producers in the Bergerac and Cahors regions. We’ll introduce you to the wine producers, their products and their terroir.